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1. Make sure your John Jay email account is activated and your password is current. If your password has expired, you will need to reset it at

2. Make sure you are entering only your username and not your entire email address. The username is the portion of your email address that comes before the "@" symbol, generally in the format "firstname.lastname" but sometimes with a number at the end. Your JJAY email username is not the same as your CUNYfirst username. Only use your JJAY email username.

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If you have tried all of the above and you still cannot access TutorTrac, please use your John Jay email account (not your gmail or anything else) to contact:

Math & Science Resource Center (MSRC) Help - (646) 557-4635 or contact Neil Caesar at

Writing Center Help: Zoom Reception Desk: or Call (516) 828-1383.

Modern Language Center Help:

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